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1. INTRODUCTION (1999-2014):

Menelaos started DJing professionally in July 1999. His urge to dig deeply into music and devote himself in DJing was the sole reason that led him to quit his studies at the Technological Institute (TEI) of Piraeus in 2001. From then on, he had the opportunity almost every night to be behind the decks and every day to listen and collect all kinds of music, building a library of nearly 10.000 original CDs and vinyl records, plus thousands of digital music files (mp3). The experience and the musical knowledge gained from this daily preoccupation cannot be measured. Menelaos can play almost all genres of music, international and Greek, with a particular style for a mainstream DJ. His own personal skills: fast changes from one track to another, smooth flow between tracks of different genre and beat, peak time that lasts several hours, hard to find remixes and versions of well known songs.

2. RESIDENCIES (1999-2008):

His first years as a professional DJ, Menelaos played at:

"Cosmos Bar" (Neo Psychiko, Attica)

"Beau Brummell" (Kifissia, Attica)

"Bizart" (Maroussi, Attica)

"Istioploikos" (Piraeus)

plus hundreds of parties, events and weddings as a leading associate of "BerCo Music Entertainment Co.".

It’s worth mentioning a special appearance in Gstaad (Switzerland) and many others in Mykonos island.

In 2001, he resigned from this company and began a solo career. From that point until 2008, he had played at the following venues, as part of their DJs crew:

"Alekos Metropolitan" (Athens)

"Jackson Hall" (Kolonaki, Athens)

"Vive Mar" (Voula, Attica)

"Mi Sueno" (Kolonaki, Athens & Varkiza, Attica)

"Soho" (Gazi, Athens)

"Do It" club stage (Varkiza, Attica)

"Aftershock" (Ios island)

"Belcanto" (Alimos, Attica)

"Seiza" (Glyfada, Attica)

"Monkeys" (Glyfada, Attica)

and many others, in parallel with the exclusive collaborations for entire seasons that are mentioned in the following paragraph.


It should be noted that he had taken entirely all the music matters as the sole resident DJ at some of the higher level club-restaurants and bars in Greece and Cyprus:

"Baron" (Limassol, winter 2014)

"Baraonda" (Athens, winter & summer 2008-2010)

"Alekos Bar" (Kalamos, Attica, summer 2006-2008)

"Kohylia" Polynesian Restaurant (Grand Resort Hotel, Lagonissi, Attica, summer 2004)

"Tria Gourounakia" club stage (Kolonaki, Athens, winter 2005-2007)

"En Plo" (Vouliagmeni, Attica, summer 2005).


From July 2010 until November 2011, Menelaos was the sole resident DJ of "Caliente Bar" (Panormou, Athens) and "Saint Peter’s Beach Bar" (Andros island), preparing himself for the first time as co-owner, together with the owners of those companies, into an upcoming new nightclub:

"Freyja" (Maroussi, Attica) opened its doors in December 2011. A few months later, he chose to withdraw from this partnership for important reasons, having learned the basics of management of such business.

5. WEEKLY EVENTS (2011-2013):

From October 2011 until 2013, Menelaos was running several weekly events across Greece, as their sole resident DJ:

"Dome" (Politia, Attica) Ala Ellinika (winter 2011)

"Freyja" (Maroussi, Attica) Break the Rules (winter 2012)

"Negro" (Tripoli, Peloponnese) Mathimata Ellinikon (winter 2012-2013)

"Aegli Garden" (Zappeion, Athens) Cocktail Thursdays (summer 2012)

"Istioploikos" (Piraeus) Greek Sundays (summer 2012)

"Pegu" (Chalandri, Attica) Break the Rules (winter 2013)

"Sail In" (Paralion Astros, Peloponnese) Greek Therapy (summer 2013)

"Rockfellas the Bar" (Piraeus) Greek Classics (winter 2013).

6. GUEST APPEARANCES (2008-2014):

From August 2008, Menelaos has started to collaborate with nightclubs across Greece as guest DJ for one night only, although it’s not a secret that most of these events have been repeated after the success of the first night.

"Verano" (Xylokastro, Peloponnese, 2008)

"Mojito Bay" (St. Marina, Attica) Opening Night (2009)

"La Playa" (Andros island, 2009)

"Kohyli" (Karystos, Evia island, 2010-2013)

"Marabou" (Andros island, 2010-2013)

"Living Room" (Rethymno, Crete island, 2010-2011)

"Perfect Ten" (Kolonaki, Athens, 2011)

"Skybar" (Faliro, Attica) Opening Night (2011)

"Enigma" (Santorini island, 2011)

"Mayor" (Gazi, Athens, 2011)

"YK Roof Bar" (Elefsina Hotel, Elefsina, Attica, 2012)

"Sail In" (Paralion Astros, Peloponnese, 2012-2014)

"Lithos" (Levidi, Peloponnese, 2012-2013)

"Heart" (Kolonaki, Athens, 2013)

"Enzzo" (Porto Heli, Peloponnese, 2013)

"Blue Sky" (Nafplio, Peloponnese, 2013)

"Centro" (Andros island, 2013)

"Barcode" (Monemvasia, Peloponnese, 2013-2014)

"Casa Dei" (Ermioni, Peloponnese, 2014)

"Negro" (Tripoli, Peloponnese, 2014)

"Meet Me" (Larissa, Thessaly, 2014)

"Ten" (Agrinio, Aetolia-Acarnania, 2014)

"Cavo Bianco" (Ermioni, Peloponnese, 2014)

"Petra Barcode Summer" (Monemvasia, Peloponnese, 2014)

"Eucalyptus" (Leonidion, Peloponnese, 2014)

Last but not least, a unique guest appearance at "Avel Lounge" (Astoria, New York, 2011).

Αlso Menelaos has performed 5 times at "Baron Club" (Limassol, Cyprus, 2014) and once at Kanella Bar (Limassol, Cyprus, 2014).

7. MUSIC DESIGN (2012-2013):

Maybe the greatest reward for his efforts came in October 2012. Menelaos was hired as the music designer for the local branch of "Mood Media", the leading in-store media specialist in more than 40 countries all over the world. From that time until June 2013, when he resigned, had the responsibility for all the music that was played in all the stores of the major brands in Greece ("Cosmote", "Germanos", "Alfa Beta Vasilopoulos", "Jumbo", "Public", "Nike", "Intersport", "Sprider", "Attica", "Tsantilis", "Carouzos", "Ilektroniki", "McDonalds", "Pita Pan", "Raxevsky", "Fullah Sugah", "Mark Aalen", "Marks & Spencer", "Folli Follie", "Korres" and many others).


8. MUSIC WEBSITES (2011-2014):

In May 2011 he started as a member at "Radio1.gr", grading and suggesting the best of new dance releases, which are still posted every week on "Radio1.gr" website.

From June 2013 till now, he is a key partner in the pioneering "God Is A DJ.gr" website, the first Greek portal which is totally dedicated to DJing.

Last but not least, he fulfilled one of his most ambitious projects in December 2013. He founded together with the ex-administrator of "Radio1.gr" his own music website, "Music-Plus.gr". A high level website with daily updates on music charts plus, also on international and greek new releases.

9. VDJING EVENTS (2012-2014):

In 2012, Menelaos started mixing, in parallel with the music, the video clips of the songs (VDJing), investing in the best hardware and software for this purpose (Rane Sixty Eight, Macbook Pro i7 and Serato Video). Also he spends time collecting video clips, international and Greek, and improving his VDJing skills.

This special project was presented at the celebration of 10 years of "V.I.Parties Co." (Zappeion, Athens, February 2013), also he performed already as VDJ at the following venues:

"Anadromi" (Nafplio, Peloponnese, 2012)

"Marabou" (Andros island, 2013)

"Enzzo" (Porto Heli, Peloponnese, 2013)

"Caliente Bar" (Panormou, Athens, 2013)

Here it’s worth mentioning that Menelaos is the first VDJ who demonstrated a visual DJ set on "Fader" web TV show ("God Is A DJ.gr" website, on February 2014).

10. RADIO SHOWS (2013-2014):

In October 2013, he took over the DJ mix zone of "Dromos FM" (Cyprus) every Friday and Saturday ("Dromos In The Mix"), mixing the best greek hits ("laiko" and pop style). After three months, full of success, his DJ mix is broadcasted another extra hour, from Monday to Friday ("Ola Ine Dromos In The Mix").

TOP-15 / 10 MAR 2017

1. DJ Pantelis - Lily Was Here 2017 (Original Mix)

2. Lana Del Rey - Love (Dim Chord Rework)

3. Liva K - Sun Goes Down (Radio Edit)

4. Disco Dice - Starlight (Original Mix)

5. Pink Noisy - Ani Kuni (Anthony El Mejor & DJ Nil Remix)

6. Stone Sour - Through Glass (DJ Pantelis Remix)

7. Joe Goddard - Music Is The Answer (Hot Since 82 Remix)

8. Claydee feat. Kirsten Collins - Notayo (Be Mine) (Radio Edit)

9. Christos Fourkis feat. Kostas Moustakas - Taksim (Original Mix)

10. Kenny Thomas - Thinking About Your Love (Dim Zach Edit)

11. Zucchero & Paul Young - Senza Una Donna (Dim Zach ReWork)

12. Valeron - Amare (Original Mix)

13. Chris Marina - Queen For A Night (Luca Debonaire Club Mix)

14. Armin Van Buuren & Garibay feat. Olaf Blackwood - I Need You (Filatov & Karas Extended Remix)

15. Travis feat. Josephine Oniyama - Idlewild (DiPap Sax Edit)

Posted: 10 Mar 2017
TOP-15 / 03 MAR 2017

1. Dino MFU feat. Shaya - I Wonder (V-Sag Wandering Mix)

2. Mina - Anche Un Uomo (Dim Zach & Deem Edit)

3. ANAA feat. Niko Gaitano - A Rare Gift (Dim Zach Remix)

4. Lana Del Rey - Love (Dim Chord Rework)

5. Liva K - Sun Goes Down (Radio Edit)

6. Pink Noisy - Ani Kuni (Anthony El Mejor & DJ Nil Remix)

7. Natasha Baccardi & Kapral - Crazy In Love (Fifthy Shades Darker Cover Song)

8. Stone Sour - Through Glass (DJ Pantelis Remix)

9. Claydee feat. Kirsten Collins - Notayo (Be Mine) (Radio Edit)

10. Christos Fourkis feat. Kostas Moustakas - Taksim (Original Mix)

11. Berlin - Take My Breath Away (Dim Zach ReWork)

12. Softmal - Celebrate Good Times (Original Mix)

13. Alesso - Falling (Original Club Mix)

14. Feder feat. Alex Aiono - Lordly (Consoul Trainin Remix Radio Edit)

15. Lissat & Voltaxx vs Marc Fisher feat. Vanessa Ekpenyong - Can't Get Enough (Andrey Exx & Sharapov Remix)

Posted: 03 Mar 2017
TOP-15 / 24 FEB 2017

1. Dino MFU feat. Shaya - I Wonder (V-Sag Wandering Mix)

2. Pink Noisy - Ani Kuni (DiGi remix)

3. Mina - Anche Un Uomo (Dim Zach & Deem Edit)

4. Cerrone - Supernature (Best Seller Remix)

5. ANAA feat. Niko Gaitano - A Rare Gift (Dim Zach Remix)

6. Natasha Baccardi & Kapral - Crazy In Love (Fifthy Shades Darker Cover Song)

7. Kiko Navarro - Sonando Contigo (Dim Chord Rework)

8. Berlin - Take My Breath Away (Dim Zach ReWork)

9. Softmal - Celebrate Good Times (Original Mix)

10. Vanilla Ace - Little Pigs (Extended Mix)

11. V.E.I feat. Linkin Park - Burn It Down (Deep House Remix)

12. Alesso - Falling (Original Club Mix)

13. Lissat & Voltaxx - Release Yourself (Misha Klein & No Hopes Remix)

14. Demis Roussos - From Souvenirs To Souvenirs (Dreamers Inc. Re-Edit)

15. Volkan Uca & Tarik Sarul feat. Ata Marin - Tuyo (Narcos)

Posted: 24 Feb 2017
TOP-10 / 18 FEB 2017

1. Pink Noisy - Ani Kuni (DiGi remix)

2. Cerrone - Supernature (Best Seller Remix)

3. Dim Chord - Knysna

4. Kiko Navarro - Sonando Contigo (Dim Chord Rework)

5. Jerry Ropero - Narkos (Club Mix)

6. Throttle - Hit The Road Jack (Extended Mix)

7. Abba - Dancing Queen (Dim Zach & Deem Edit)

8. Sonic One & Konih - Basted (Consoul Trainin Extended Remix)

9. Vanilla Ace - Little Pigs (Extended Mix)

10. V.E.I feat. Linkin Park - Burn It Down (Deep House Remix)

Posted: 18 Feb 2017
TOP-15 / 10 APR 2016

1. Dino MFU & Claydee feat. Andy Nicolas - No Matter What (Original Mix)

2. Andrey Exx & Troitski feat. Diva - Touch Me (Original Mix)

3. Croatia Squad & Frey - White Horse (Original Mix)

4. Africanism - Edony (Dim Chord 2k16 Remix)

5. Claptone feat. Say Yes Dog - Before I Lose My Mind (Original Mix)

6. Livin R & DJK2 feat. Steven Aderinto - You (Noizy Remix)

7. Christos Fourkis - Doumasi (Original Mix)

8. Christian Colier - Memories (I Should Just Say No) (Extended Mix)

9. Fergie - Glamorous (Billka Bootleg)

10. Federico Scavo - Anima (Original Mix)

11. DJ Zenn feat. Alex E - In My Head (Extended Mix)

12. Anthony Attalla - How Far (Original Mix)

13. Hector - Crankin

14. Variavision & Samuele Sartini feat. Moris P. - Suise Q. (Samuele Sartini Re-Touch)

15. Nytron, Sugar Hill & M0B - For Real (Original Mix)

Posted: 10 Apr 2016